Sunday, May 31, 2009

Evening Sun Stroll

The evening light, in that hour or so before sunset, has been just perfect for pictures!  Here is a little tour through our yard on a lovely Sunday evening.  

The shadows are lengthening -

the potted flowers are flourishing - 

the saskatoon bushes are in full bloom - 

the bleeding heart is just coming on - 

the apple blossoms are fully open - 

the Mayday tree is huge -

- covered with flowers -

that you can smell all across the yard -

and the sky is big and beautiful!!

This one of the big Alberta sky is for Melinda!  And, yes - that's Bob underneath the truck!  Checking or fixing some little detail is always on his agenda.  

Thank you for walking through the yard with me tonight!


  1. put the kettle on, air-out the spare bed - prepare for a visitor .

  2. beautiful photos! it's so nice to see things blooming again, isn't it?! i love the light you captured too!

  3. Whoa!! You finally have spring beautiful and weather. The yard looks so good. Thanks for the Alberta sky picture. I miss it lots.