Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I used my last package of rhubarb to make a fruit crisp on the weekend.  Now if only it would get warm so the plants could get growing again!

2.  These little guys have taken up residence in the branches of the saskatoon bush outside my kitchen window.  They are so cute to watch!

3.  I am so proud of Heather for doing a half marathon run on Sunday!  Keeping up to two little ones and still taking time to train required a lot of dedication.  This race was Jonathan's Christmas gift to her so he pitched in with watching the kids so she could do the training.  I love that he knows her passions and supports her in doing them.  

4.  We saw Meadow twice on the weekend and continue to marvel at her playing!  At various times she was the mother, the daughter, the husband and the teacher while the rest of us took on supporting roles.  Her imagination and imitation of what she sees around her is unlimited.

5.  I guess my basil plant was sacrificed to the frost king on Sunday night.  I had it in the garage but obviously it got too cold in there.    I wonder how many bedding plants were lost in beds around the lake.  Traditionally the long weekend is the time when most people around here do their outdoor planting.

6.  Reading "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver is really making me think about local food, eating in season and the economy of food production.  I highly recommend this book for everyone who depends on food to live.  I guess that's everyone!

7.  On that same note, I think I'm going to follow the recipe in the book and try making mozzarella cheese, if I can find some rennet.  That may take some searching but it sounds like the results are well worth it.  

8.  I successfully baked hamburger buns yesterday.  

9.  Apparently the package of carrot seeds that I bought should seed nearly a 100 ft. row - that's a lot of carrots!!

10.  I saw this awesome layout on the Studio Calico blog and I'm going to scraplift it.  I love the way April put those scallops along the bottom of the photo.   There's lots more great inspiration over at that site :))


  1. The LO is great...might have to lift it one day when I'm back at it.
    I'm glad you had an eventful/family-filled weekend. I had the pleasure of talking to Helayna and Silas on Mon. I'll have to get the webcam up so you can see Samuel in real time. He's a week old today!

  2. Hamberger buns & cheese!!! Amazing.

  3. I love that layout too! I should totally lift it!

    Great list. Thanks for coming to the race and for brunch afterwards!

  4. That is a totally great layout. I too may have to "lift" it! Thanks Crystal for the inspiration.