Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. We went to a travel show last night - and we saw images just like these  -

Photo credits - Exodus.co.uk - and they went on for nearly 90 minutes!

2.  Our new passports arrived today!  They are good to 2014 which means we should be able to do alot of traveling in the years ahead :))  My old one has stamps from the U.S., Belize, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, England, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Brazil and Argentina. There were 2 visas from China and Brazil.   Not bad for 5 years!!  I'm going to do a scrapbook layout with it.  

3.  Lunch today was Mushroom Chowder and Sauteed Portobello Mushrooms with Peppers and Cheese on a Panini Bun at the Eco Cafe - so delicious!  They were recently mentioned in the AMA Westworld magazine so it will be even busier over there this summer.  

4.  My mom's pedicure looks great!

5.  The greenhouse visit was inspiring and colorful.  I'm going back next week to pick up some plants.  It's just too cold to have them out yet - it was -1 degree C last night.

6.  Here is the first LO I did on the weekend, showing some flowers that were growing in Andrzej and Maria's yard in Poland.  I love how it turned out! 

7.  If you know someone who is graduating this year or you're looking for Mother's Day ideas, then Bakerella is the place to go!  Seriously cute stuff over there these days.  

8.  Ann at A Holy Experience has written this  post and another one about what happens on a farm when a storm goes by and the power goes off.  If you've ever lived on a farm you can relate to this so perfectly.  I like her analogies with God as our power source.  

9.  The trees are finally showing some buds but it's going to have to warm up alot before the leaves pop out.  It's going to be very chilly for our local high school graduation this weekend.  

10.  I bought the first watermelon of the season - I can hardly wait to cut in to it :))


  1. Your mushroom chowder sounds just yummy!
    You're having graduation already? Ours is still a month away (and it's usually quite a bit warmer by then)
    Hope you're enjoying springtime!

  2. You guys are going to get the most amazing photos! I'm so jealous of all your travels.

    The layout does look so much better! I bet it didn't take you long - did you just cut it in half and glue those pieces down?

    Love your list - wish I could have joined you for lunch today - it sounds delish!

    I noticed some buds here on my run on Sunday and was wishing we had blossoms already so I could get some good photos for my class.

  3. I really like your taste in food - mushrooms, berries...etc! Mmmmm. When you make it Down Under, try to come in the Mango season! That's if you like mangoes:-)

    So good to hear that you are planning on going away with some of your girlfriends soon. I'm sure you'll have a blast! It really is a special time together.

  4. You truly are a world traveler. How fun and how blessed you've been.

  5. Wow - that is some travelling you have done! And the mushroom chowder sounds like my kind of food too. I can't believe all the North American schools go on holiday so early - it surprises me every year!
    And thanks so much for all your love and care, Crystal. Life gets complicated at times.

  6. i love these lists! Can't believe you had so many stamps! That's awesome!

  7. Wow, Crystal--quite a lot of traveling you've done! I think my passport is going to expire without a single stamp...