Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ten on Tuesday - Blog-anniversary Edition

Happy three years of blogging to me!!  It's exactly 3 years ago that I wrote this very first post.  And the Edmonton Oilers haven't been in the hockey playoffs since - interesting!  And look who arrived just a few weeks after I started blogging!!   (It's hard to believe she's going to be three in just a few more weeks - oh, my goodness, time please slow down!!)  

Thanks for coming along on this amazing journey with me.  I appreciate every single one of you who stop by, even if you pass through silently :))  

1.  I am loving this set of dishes that Naomi, Jerry and Meadow gave me for my birthday.  

The pattern is Sefton Park by Pflatzgraf.

2.  It's a balmy - not!- +7 degrees C tonight!  We just cannot break through this cycle of cool, cool weather this spring.

3.  Still waiting for a call telling us that Melinda's on her way to the hospital.  Anytime now, little one - we're all waiting!!!

4.  My retirement gift from the local teacher's association was this engraved bell.  

5.  Asian Chicken Noodle Soup with Mushroom and Carrots was our supper tonight.  It's a light, veggie version of the classic - and takes way less time to make :))

6.  If you are thinking of doing some baking this week, you might want to try Tartest Lemon Tart over at Marie's blog, A Year From Oak Cottage.  It looks so delicious!

7.  I went to the first Farmer's Market of the season in our area and picked up some wonderful red peppers, English cucumbers ($5 for 8 - such a deal!), cherry tomatoes (used them in last night's pasta dish), eggplants and a peach mango pie.  I'll be going back :))  I love supporting local growers too.

8.  I picked up some Debbie Travis paint chips at Canadian Tire the other day and they have the best color inspiration ever!  Great combinations that I'll be using for scrapbooking ideas.  

9.  Here's another layout that I did about our time in Poland.  It talks about a local yard that had lots of grapes growing in it and is based on one of Cathy Zielske's sketches from the Design Your Life class.  

10.  If you want to read a wonderful Mother's Day letter, go back to Cathy's blog and read the letter written by her 13 year old daughter.  Warning:   bring tissues.  


  1. Happy 3rd anniversary. It has been super cool getting to know you. The not so secret is, I really admire you.

    Well done.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I am SO glad you started blogging, Crystal, and long may you continue! I will be waiting for the stork alert as soon as the little one arrives!

  3. That bell is rather interesting. LOL! Can you believe Meadow is almost 3 already?
    So excited to hear from Mel!!

  4. Happy 3rd Anniversary. Don't the years fly by? I can not believe it is already May 13th.

  5. P.S. Those dishes are beautiful!