Friday, May 22, 2009

Why I Love Fridays

Heather's post "I Love Fridays" got me thinking about one of my favourite days of the week and so today's post is inspired by her.  

Fridays are the local Farmer's Market days in our community and there are 3 of them within a half hour's drive!  Today I bought beef and cheese smokies, tiny eggplants, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, spinach, date cookies, saskatoon vinegar, saskatoon syrup and whole wheat bread.    I have grand plans for some delicious meals this week!

Fridays are a great day to be at schools.  There's always something special going on and it was Track Meet today.  I was at the three-legged race (there are always 2 or 3 fun events) and had two great helpers from the grade 8 class.   It was a PERFECT day to be outside - I even had to put sunscreen on!

Fridays are often hot lunch days at school!  It was hot dogs and popsicles provided by the parents association - perfect for track meet day.  I love not having to pack a lunch sometimes.  

And Fridays are great because it means the routine (such as mine is not these days!) is changed up for a couple of days.  Time to kick back, be outdoors, do special things, hang out with family and friends and rejuvenate!  Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Nice to see the sun out for you! And the food from the Farmers markets sounded divine. Is Saskatoon syrup akin to maple syrup? Enjoy your weekend too!

  2. There really is something about Fridays that we all love. The Farmer's Market looks great...what's on the menu? I'm very curious about what you're doing with those baby eggplant.