Monday, August 25, 2008

Simple Woman #6

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy sharing this little glimpse into my Mondays with you? It just kind of anchors me in the present and gives a quiet focus to the start of a new week.

For Today... August 25, 2008

Outside my Window... it's an overcast day and there were just a few drops of rain - wish it would rain all day because we are so, so dry here and the crops are suffering

I am thinking... how lucky I am to have good friends to meet up with for lunch and long visits

I am thankful for... a career as a teacher and now an opportunity to work part-time as a substitute teacher

From the kitchen... taco salad - one of my absolute favourites

I am wearing... casual brown pants, a paisley printed brown tshirt and sport sandals

I am reading... Flirting with Pete by Barbara Delinsky

I am hoping... that Heather and her new baby can hang on a bit yet until delivery

I am hearing... Talk Back on CBC Radio One

I am creating... a layout about shopping for school supplies (inspired by the school layouts and questions in Creating Keepsakes this month)

Around the house... I need to wash the floors and do some mending

One of my favorite things... time to spend writing my blog and reading those of online friends

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... book club tomorrow night, picking up pictures of my mom's birthday party last week, baking some Banana Brownies, delivering my friend's birthday gift as she turns 40 and getting my hair cut

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

One afternoon the rainbow totally crossed the valley and the highway in front of us as we drove in the Rocky Mountains! It was so beautiful and lasted a long, long time. What a reminder of God's goodness and love for us.


  1. hey did you see you won on Jen McGuire's blog????? she wants you to email her!

  2. I love that you do these lists - they are so beautiful and so are you! :)

  3. Crystal, thank you for stopping by, and certainly thank you for the compliment you paid my sisters and I.

    I love the picture you submitted also. It is so serene and beautiful.

    Did you say you're baking banana brownies?!! Interesting. Never heard of those before, but I like bananas and I love brownies, so I'd definitely give these a try. I'm glad I came by your place also. Isn't it fun to put your thoughts down and share with others? We get a sweet glimpse into each other's day.

  4. So wonderful you captured the picture of the rainbow.

  5. Gorgeous photo!

    I love taco salad too...yummy!

    We are suppose to get some rain tonight....the 3rd cutting of alfalfa is put up so we could use a little shot of rain now.