Saturday, August 02, 2008

Friday Adventure

Yesterday Jerry arranged a little quadding trip with his mom (Judy), Murray, Naomi, Bob, and I. We loaded up and headed into the wilderness further west of where we live. Our goal was to get to the North Saskatchewan River. Our first adventures involved some big mud puddles!

This is just one little part of the action we had in this particular spot. Eventually Naomi hooked up to them with her quad and winched them out.

When we got down to the river, there was a side stream that we had to cross to get onto the island. Judy and Murray went first and got stuck in the wet sand on the other side. Bob drove over to help them out - and soon he was stuck too.

While team 1 was trying to get unstuck, Naomi had decided to cross at a slightly different angle - and ended up drowning her quad. She jumped off and swam it to shore and then the guys had to take it apart, dry the air filter and the spark plugs and get it running again. Good thing there were some spare pieces of clothing along that she could get into and warm up.

Meanwhile, Jerry and I stayed on the bank and contemplated our plan of action. How many quads should we put out of commission? Finally Bob called for me to come over and help out. Luckily I was able to miss the predicaments of the other 3 quads and arrived to help in the rescue efforts. Eventually Jerry came across safely and we had lunch on the island.

Happy 32nd Anniversary to us!! It was this week and we have lots planned for the next 10 days so we'll be celebrating a lot. I guess that's a serious thing, by the expression on my face!

Just as we got back to the trucks and loaded the quads, the rain started so our group picture is a bit wet. We definitely had a ton of fun and there are lots of stories about this trip. Murray suggested we make it a weekly event - it's easy to tell that he's the retired one!! But I'm sure we will go again, hopefully soon.


  1. Fun! Congratulations! Happy Anniversary to both of you! It would have been my 32nd anniversary back in March. See I told you we were twins!

  2. Wow that looks like fun...and I'm not much a get dirty kinda girl!

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy anniversary!!!!
    Your quadding adventure looks like it was a lot of fun!

  4. Lots of excitement and water on this trip. Happy Anniversary! We were thinking about you lots on your special day. Hugs.

  5. Crystal that is crazy fun!!!! Kudos to you & Bob on your 32nd Anniversary!

  6. Oh geez, I forgot your anniversary again! Sorry! Happy Anniversary!

    Looks like you had quite the adventure on the quads! I'm glad you got to go again!