Monday, August 18, 2008

Simple Woman #5

It's Monday again and I'm happy to bring you this update!

For Today... August 18, 2008

Outside my Window... it's sweltering hot (+34 degrees C) and the sun is shining brightly!

I am thinking... how nice it is to have jars of fruit and jam all ready for winter.

I am thankful for... my Mom and the 75th birthday celebration that we surprised her with yesterday . She is so healthy and active, living in her own home on the farm, driving to judge at some fairs this past week and busy canning 50 jars of fruit (some for the grandkids who are away at university too).

From the kitchen... are fresh Lemon Blueberry Muffins with sugar tops - yum!!

I am wearing... black shorts, striped top and white flipflops.

I am reading... The Shack by William Young (I need to have it done by next Wednesday for book club!).

I am hoping... that we have a safe and restful few days camping with Naomi, Jerry and Meadow near Jasper

I am hearing... Nicole C. Mullen singing Call on Jesus

I am creating... not much, besides food stuff.

Around the house... recycling with an empty sugar bag and Pectin boxes, , more canning jars needing lids, and some cucumbers waiting to be made into relish.

One of my favorite things... to hear the voices of my children as we connect via phone calls.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... camping, hiking, swimming in the hot springs, relaxing beside a campfire.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...


  1. Oh there is nothing like a fresh handful of blueberries or huckleberries as they are out now too... do you pick mushrooms also????

  2. Those muffins sound yummy. Where do you get your recipe from?


  3. You sound busy and happy! Have fun camping :)

  4. I loved reading this...for some reason it just brought a sence of peace over me!

  5. I hope you guys have a wonderful time camping! I wish we could join you. I keep saying next year but maybe next year there will be another grandbaby from N & J. Hmmmmm....
    Love you!

  6. You have been busy, but it's so rewarding to get it done. Yesterday I made peach oatmeal muffins. Very tasty. Have fun camping. I'm sure there will be some photos to share with us when you return. Give those three big hugs from us. Wish we could come with you.

  7. You are going to love the shack! I wish I had a book club to discuss it, awesome book!

    Those blueberries look delicious!!

  8. I really enjoy your "simple woman" lists. You have been so busy lately. One day I am going to learn how to can all of these yummy fruits that we have here!

  9. love the format of this cool....i think i shall "lift" watch for it...hehe!!

  10. Your list reminds me of taking time to smell the roses. Nice to contemplate on the simple things in life. Have a great camping trip.