Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Olympic Preserving Marathon!

Since 7 a.m. this morning, I have:
- canned 14 jars of peaches
- canned 7 jars of apricots
- made 5 jars of raspberry jam
- made 4 jars of peach jam
- filled 4 jars of spicy peach chutney
- peeled 75 peaches
- washed countless sinks full of dishes
- watched my feet get bigger and bigger
- used nearly every small jar that I have in my stash
- run short of screw tops for canning jars
- listened and watch Olympic highlites on my little TV in the kitchen
- done 3 loads of laundry
- unpacked our suitcase (it had gone with my sister so we could have lots of room for the fruit on our way home)

Now I should sweep and wash the floor but i may fall into bed instead!

Monday's to-do list:
- can tomatoes
- make apricot jam
- bake peach upside down cake
- finish cucumber relish
- wipe and label all the jars from Saturday's labour

It sure does feel good to see full jars lined up on shelves downstairs and to open the freezer and see lots of choices for our winter meals.

I think I'm going to treat myself to Mama Mia next week!


  1. Wow! Have you ever been busy! You'll be enjoying those all winter long! I hope you took some photos along the way too.

  2. I declare you get the Olympic gold for canning and preserving! I was given a huge bag of plums yesterday and started sorting those too. I have access to a heavily laden plum tree, and a damson tree, and then the blackberries are all ripening.... And i HAVE NO JARS! Groan. I need to make a plan. Will you post your peach chutney recipe? Please? Maybe?

  3. Mama Mia the movie? I went to see it - loved it. Corny? Yes! Does pierce look like he's in agony when he sings? Oh yes! Is Meryl the oldest looking 30 year old ex hippy? Afraid so! Does it make you smile? Absolutely!!!!

  4. Anonymous10:16 AM

    WOW you are on a is nice when it is all done though.


  5. I never canned a thing in my life but envied those that do, my sister has always wanted to teach me but I never took that step.

  6. After that marathon, you deserve an Olympic medal! You'll enjoy Mama Mia !
    You asked where on the coast we went and this time is was to Mendocino. In April we were in Crescent City and in Oregon. I think it's all beautiful!

  7. You're crazy!!! Wow, all those goodies for the long winter months. You'll love it. Did your feet get a long soak in the tub after that marathon day? ;)

  8. You are amazing! It's a lot of work canning but so worth it in the winter months and too see all the jars lined up!

  9. Boy you get a big gold star for all this accomplishment. I know the satisfaction has to be wonderful. the laundry soap :o)

  10. A lot of hard work, but oh so worth it. Wish I lived next to you to enjoy some of that fresh preserved goodness!

    Danny and I were married on a farm here in NC. For our wedding favors, we bought 25 different types of preserves (150 jars) from a lady near where we went to college. Our guests loved them. I looked into doing it myself and quickly realized it was way too much work for this girl!