Saturday, August 09, 2008

New Views

Our road trip has brought us to northern California to visit the redwood forest and spend some time at the ocean.

The view from our beach house - it's so, so beautiful to look out on the ocean.

The blackberries are growing everywhere here!

Exploring the California coastline

The pictures give you just a little glimpse of how spectacular the trees actually are.

Beautiful old growth redwood forest

We originally planned this trip with my parents, who really wanted to see the trees, but at the last minute they weren't able to come with us. Everything we've done has been with them in mind and many times today we said to each other, "They would have loved this!" Hopefully we'll have another opportunity to do this together.


  1. Amazing trees and forests, Crystal. And being by the sea will be wonderful too. I just love sitting on the sand or a rock and watching the water! Have a great time!

  2. It looks so beautiful. I'm sure you're enjoying every minute of it. I do agree that it is wonderful waking up to see the ocean every morning. We have a good view of Halifax harbour from our balcony. I certainly miss it when we're gone. Enjoy the next few days of exploring.

  3. So sad your parents weren't able to come along. I loved picking wild berries on our travels because that was a new adventure for me!

  4. Wow! The trees are amazing! That isn't what I think of when I think of Cal.Have a good time.

  5. Heather M11:26 AM

    It looks so beautiful there! You're right, they would have loved it! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos with us!

  6. Hi
    What a beautiful place you pick for a trip.But a sad moment of you is you planned the trip with your parents.Better try next time.The road trip of California is so trilling and in redwood forest the trees are beautiful.It is wonderful waking up to see the ocean every morning.Thanks for making me a fane of california by seeing your photos.Have a nice time and enjoy a lot.In your ways lord Jesus joy and happiness walk
    with you.

  7. I love the Redwoods! They are totally amazing, and you can't quite grasp their majesty and beauty from photos. You just have to see them, and try to put your arms around some of the trunks! Great trip to take!