Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Camping Time

I want to share some pictures of Meadow on our little trip to Jasper last week. It's really fun to camp with her - she's excited about every mountain, every rock, every trail, and every activity. She is a very good camper - even if she does want to sleep right on top of her mom in the tent!

Our first attempt at hiking was heading up the Cavell Meadows trail on a rainy day. Eventually we were all soaked to the skin - but it was a beautiful spot :)

There was so much water going over Athabasca Falls that the spray was coming over the guardrails and drenching everyone.

It's not focussed but I love the action as they were skipping down the path, saying hello to the rocks. She's either running or jumping or skipping - rarely just walking!

She would go into every river, puddle, lake, or stream that we came too! And this was cold mountain water!!

Riding on Dad's back, wearing the new rainsuit we stopped to buy

Those trees are big!

Ready for hiking with her "'ackpack"

Sitting on a mountain sheep statue in Jasper.

We really are blessed to be able to spend lots of time with our family in the summertime. I hope we can go again next year!


  1. She looks like quite the little trekker! Helayna would have had so much fun with her. Next year...

  2. She looks like she is having a great time. What a trip to remember.

  3. What a great time in the mountains. I'm sure Athabasca Falls was spectacular. Meadow's such a trooper out hiking and camping. I'm sure it was such a pleasure to go with them. How's the camper holding out?