Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I was ever so surprised when I went to Linds' blog, Rocking Chair Reflections today and saw that she has bestowed this award on me!

It's my very first blog award and I am humbled to think that someone else enjoys my ramblings, questions and photos. I just recently started tracking visits to my blog and I am amazed at the community of bloggers and visitors that drop by. The map feature is especially wondrous as it shows pinpoints from the Yukon to England to Poland to Australia to Singapore to Virginia to California (and many in between). So if you are one of those visitors, I thank you for visiting and sharing your time with me. I invite you to comment and share your thoughts and your site so that I might reciprocate and visit you too.

Now I must share this award with 3 blogging friends. Thank you to these people who inspire me to write, to pray, to smile, to enjoy life, to be a friend.

1. Becky at Live and Learn is an amazing photographer and such a wise woman. I love her thoughts on living with God in every day and how she loves her family.

2. Donna at Quiet Life is also known as Miz Booshay, who posts on the Pioneer Woman's photography site with beautiful pictures and how-to's for wanna be photographers. I love how she ends each post with 'Encourage one another' - such good advice.

3. Mary at Little Red House is a new blog find for me. She has the most beautiful home and her yard and garden are so pretty. I love her little finds and I've been trying to incorporate more thought and beauty into our home as a result.

There are so many others I could honour too. These give you a little sampling of who I am honoured to read and where I gain some of my inspiration. Please go and visit them too!!


  1. congrats on the award! :) And I'm gonna check out the links!!!

  2. You so deserve heaps of awards, Crystal! Enjoy!

  3. I agree, you really deserve this great award! CONGRATS! I love checking out your blog and I have learned so much, found so many other great and interesting blogs, love seeing all of your pictures and scrapbook layouts and of course have been so inspired. So thank you!