Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Crowsnest Quadding

We headed south into the Crowsnest Pass area of southern Alberta and British Columbia for our latest quad adventure, just a couple of weeks ago. It was another memorable time together.

One of the reasons we headed to this area, was to visit our nephew Ed who is working at this coal mine as part of his engineering coop placement. He gave us a tour around the mine site and explained some things to us. It's hard to believe he's just 20 and is already in the field, making decisions and plans for facilities. It's very cool to watch people grow up and begin their careers.

We saw them loading trucks with coal.

Ed in his office

After the mine tour, we headed out to investigate new trails on our quads. There was lots to see and navigate through. We had to cross this rushing stream just in front of the fallen logs. The current was so fast that it pushed the back wheels on the quads around. We all got safely through without being drenched.

Cruisin' along

The weather was absolutely perfect - sunshine and blue skies all around. (Can you name the artist who used that line in a song?!!)

Sometimes when you come around a corner, the most beautiful views open up in front of you. This one was breathtaking!

We found some snow in which to play and get stuck.

The trail ended high up in this bowl. There was still lots of snow around and we spotted mountain goats higher up on the mountain. I was glad to get safely up - and back down!!

Bob was in charge of cooking breakfast on Sunday morning. We'll make a cook out of him yet :))

The guys tried fishing a bit but weren't successful. Good thing the view was excellent!

From this area, it's possible to quad across the Canada - US border and get into Montana. We got sidetracked so didn't get to do this ride - perhaps another time. Thanks for riding along today!


  1. Amazing scenery - and if you were not quadding, you would never get to see it!

  2. Wow, these are amazing photos! Looks like a lot of fun! We need to come on one of these trips again soon!

  3. Wow great pictures!! Isn't so awesome to explore and marvel in the beauty of God's creations!!

  4. You guys really go in for adventure. I admire that about you!

  5. You would shriek, Crystal - there has just been a news segment about corporate bonding from a man who owns a centre with quads. He says that new legislation means that "for health and safety regulations" he now has to have a staff member leading the quad bikers. At a snail's pace. They are not allowed to go faster than a snail. Paintballing is now rare as "people get bruises". Risk has been legislated out of life and he is tearing his hair out. I don't blame him. The world has gone crazy.

  6. Great pics! We have such a fun and adventurous familiy. Glad you could be part of it.