Thursday, July 24, 2008


This week I am grateful for:

1. The miracles of growth, development and pregnancy - so much happens in just a few months and it is truly marvelous! Heather only has about 6 weeks left until we welcome a new little one. We pray that these last weeks will proceed safely and smoothly.

2. The privilege of shopping with Kelsey and her mom and getting to know them better (nothing like 12 hours together :)). And then being treated to a pedicure at the end of the day - what a wonderful treat - I was spoiled - thank you SOOOOO much, K!

3. Strawberry jam for the freezer.

4. The sweet voices of our granddaughters as they play and I chat with their moms on the phone. I can hear their excitement as they 'cook' and 'clean' and 'paint'. Man, these little girls have enriched our lives beyond measure!

5. Summer Sunday afternoons at the lake - such a great time to relax and visit with friends. Thanks, A and A!

6. Ricotta Berry Muffins - from the Serious Eats website - they are deeeelicious!

7. Coolling breezes that waft through the windows as darkness descends and it cools off outside.

8. A garden that produces fresh food for us to pick and enjoy - no transportation costs, no pesticides - only hard work and God's goodness in sunshine, soil, rain and the miracle of seeds!

And my Dad is having a procedure tomorrow that will hopefully deal with the kidney stone that's been plaguing him lately. I appreciate your prayers for him and my Mom.


  1. Life is good, Crystal. I can see your smile from here! And of course I will be praying for your Dad!

  2. I'm so glad you got to hang out with Kelsey and her mom for the day! Sounds like fun!
    Those muffins look delicious! I wish we had a garden to enjoy too! I've been enjoying bits of herbs though! See you soon!

  3. Your muffins look yummy! I must have missed the post when you told of another grandchild! Congratulations!
    I've said a prayer for your dad.