Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Beach Bash 2

Melinda and Esther (my sister) planned a Beach Bash to celebrate Heather and Tyler's birthdays. Creative imaginations and willing participants always make for lots of laughs and great memories!!

1. Hula Hoop Relay

Thread the hula hoop through your clothes, drop the marble through the tube and repeat with each team member. Poor Heather had a little trouble with her belly and this task!

2. Coconut Hammer Toss

Throw the coconut-on-a-rope as far as you can

3. Watermelon Eating Contest

3 hungry guys + 1 watermelon + as fast as possible = I don't want to see another watermelon for a long time!

I can't believe we just ate all that watermelon!!"

4. Sand Sculptures

2010 Vancouver Olympics represented by an igloo, snowman and inukshuk

Birthday cake

Turtle family

5. Rubber dinghy race

Blow up your dinghy, 1 team member rides in it, 2 others are blindfolded,

race up around the pier and back to shore on the other side!

One sister towing her pregnant sister

I love how my Dad and Helayna are just hanging out together, waiting for the action to begin.

The little girls had fun on the swings, in the water and getting a ride on the dinghy.


  1. man your family is just so much fun!!!!

  2. Looks like a whole lotta fun!