Monday, July 07, 2008

Beach Bash

We had a little party at our family cabin this weekend to celebrate some July birthdays and have summer fun together.

"Papa? Park. Pleeeeeaaaasssseeee!"

And he was happy to walk with her down to the lake and the park.

Our son-in-laws have an ongoing relationship of jokes and fun with Bob. If they can play a prank or joke on each other, they'll go for it. Water splashing is a favourite activity - and Jonathan (I think) captured this perfectly.

Happy 4th Anniversary this week for Melinda and Tyler. (I snuck a picture while Heather was doing the official shoot - thanks, H!)

These 3 have had so much fun together the last 6 weeks! They laugh, giggle and just love being together. I think they are going to miss each other - hopefully it won't be too long until we can all be together again.

I made a chocolate vanilla coffee ice cream cake for Heather, who is 30 years old now!! She is definitely all grown up, I guess.

Tyler celebrated his birthday a few weeks early here in Alberta because they are going to Nova Scotia later this week. We've never been together for his birthday before this year. Notice all the paparazzi taking pictures in my grandparents' house, circa 1960's and 70's!

It was quite a feat to get this picture of the 4 generations! It's my favourite of the whole weekend - not quite sure when we will all be able to get together again so it's a precious one.

A friendly kind of sign!

I have a few more pictures of the games and fun to show you later.

Can you tell that I'm not looking forward to Melinda and Tyler's time with us coming to an end?!! So many big things in their future and we're just praying that God's plans for their lives will be carried out and they can wait patiently on HIm.


  1. It was so much fun and really a treat for us to get together with everyone one last time. It went so fast and now we're off to the next place. Thanks so much for having us, taking care of us, putting up with us and loving us. We will miss you lots!!

  2. Awesome photos! I especially LOVE the one of Dad and Helayna - you have to send me a copy, please!
    I'm so glad we were all together to celebrate! It was so good and we had so much fun!

  3. I can see what fun you all had, Crystal! I love the photos - the one of your husband kicking the water is hysterical!
    I know how much you will miss Tyler and Melinda.... but you have had a wonderful time together this summer! And what a super photo of the 4 generations of beautiful women too.

  4. Hi Crystal,
    Loved seeing all the photos of your happy family times! Think of the wonderful memories you're all making for each other!!