Saturday, July 12, 2008


This week I am grateful for these things:

1. New potatoes from the garden - we had a good-bye supper with Mel and Tyler on Monday night and I served some with cream and dill - one of my favourite summer foods, I think. I remember planting the first ones on May 5th and thinking that I might be able to dig some while the Green's were home.

2. Creative inspiration from so many places and so many amazing people, including our daughter Heather - I always come home from a visit with her eager to scrapbook again

3. Nectarines and cherries - I could eat them all day long!

4. Summer roses - this tea rose has 15 buds on it right now! It was a Mother's Day gift from Naomi and Jerry and I am enjoying it so much!!

5. Bridal showers - Jerry's sister Amanda is getting married in a few weeks so Naomi had a shower for her last night. It was fun to learn more about her and Bruce - and to see her excitement over the wonderful new things she received for their home.

6. Summer trips with friends - Bob went away on a fishing trip with 3 other guys to the Canadian Princess Resort on Vancouver Island. They didn't catch too many fish but they did have a wonderful trip, from a few of the stories I've heard. It makes me happy to hear about the fun and the discussions that good friends can share. We are blessed to be surrounded by very special friends.

7. Hugs and kisses from granddaughters - I am so grateful that we get to see them often!!

8. Summer rains that bring moisture to nourish growing things. The canola crops are blooming in our area now and the landscapes are gorgeous with deep greens, golden yellows and big blue Alberta skies.


  1. We certainly enjoyed some of your delicious potatoes tonight! Thank you for sharing them with us!
    Another wonderful list!

  2. Your potatoes sound good! Loved reading your list of thankfulness..
    What gorgeous yellow roses you've pictured.
    Enjoy all the fun moments of summertime!