Monday, June 02, 2008


We had a great time staying with Helayna while Heather and Jonathan went away for a night to celebrate their wedding anniversary. We are SO blessed to live close and be able to drive down regularly. It's always a great time when we get to see family!

Running to the park!

I'm just amazed at how much braver she is and how she can climb on the bars already. She is quite the adventurere!

She could spend hours at the park. I think it's her favourite place in the whole world!

Reading stories with her beloved Papa (instead of watching home videos on the 'puter!, which they did too).


  1. We're so glad you came to visit! Helayna had a great time with you and has been asking for you and Papa all morning! Thanks so much for watching her so we could go away - it was a great treat!

  2. It's so fun to be with her and have some concentrated time together. I'm sure that park will be well used by the end of the summer. She's going to miss you.

  3. She is so cute, Crystal! I love hearing how the little ones are growing, and her Papa certainly looks as though he is wound round her little finger and loving every minute!