Monday, June 23, 2008

More Camping

Camping this weekend was a whole lot of fun with Meadow! I am so looking forward to a time when she and Helayna can both share a camping weekend with us.

Enjoying some sunshine

So many things to discover and play with out in the woods

Riding along on Mommy's back (there was a whole lot of picture taking going on this weekend!)

The water was freezing cold but this water baby still enjoyed a little swim!

Her favourite question - "Grampa Bob doing?"

Three cousins drinking juice after a long walk

Having a 'bath' at the end of a busy day

Playiang with Dad's hat

Helping Grampa get some water

Uncle Tyler made her this 'dog' by tying a piece of string she'd found earlier on to a chunk of wood. She walked the 'dog' back and forth across the site while we were busy packing up. She even picked it up and gave her 'dog' a kiss!!

Heading back to camp, all tired out and napping on Grampa's back


  1. Oh Mom, you got some of the cutest photos with Meadow in them! So sweet! I hope it all went well!

  2. Thanks for sharing your camping photos Crystal! I was looking forward to seeing them.

    What an imagination children have! I love the 'dog.'


  3. Great pictures!! I can't wait to go camping!!