Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Global Food Crisis

Today is the day that Compassion International is observing a day of fasting and prayer in light of the Global Food Crisis. This problem is growing daily and affects those living in poverty in a huge way. Children are especially suffering and it breaks my heart to see families trying to feed their little ones on pennies a day or worse yet, having to go without food completely.

I've been reading, watching the situation get worse and worse, and through it all wondering what I - just one little person - could do to help. I know that God desires me to develop new eyes to see and a new heart to help. And so today I will join with others to pray, asking God to show me what I can do and how I can best use the resources and energy I have. And because I can't even imagine a fridge AND cupboards with nothing in them, I will go without food for a few hours.

If you want to read more about this issue and watch some compelling videos (this one from the Washington Post made it very real for me), go to Compassion International. I pray that you will find it in your heart to help in whatever way you can - and to pray fervently that the world will be changed and all people will have food for every meal.


  1. I've read about this too! And it is soooo sad. We really are so lucky here in Canada!!!

    (And I wanted to add a HUGE thank you for my happy mail/ prize. It is all so cute and you are so generous!)

  2. There's so much going on in the world that we don't understand or can't even fathom. But you're right God does call us to do more, to reach out, to love and to give whether money, time, or prayers. Thanks for sharing this event, the videos, and motivating me to think more seriously about problems outside of my world.

  3. It has been a real issue for me too, Crystal. And I listened to the politicians yesterday blithely announce that fuel (heating - gas and electricity) prices will rise about 40% from now to the end of the year, which will mean over 6 million homes in fuel poverty here in the UK. And then how do we keep giving to the rest of the world when we can't even provide for ourselves....

    And Zimbabwe.... and all the children.... We can't bury our heads in trh sand any more.