Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Have you heard the term "Stacation"? It means staying at home and seeing local things instead of driving or flying to exotic spots during vacation.

Tyler made a spontaneous request that we stop and visit the Alberta Legislative Building when we were in the city the other day - and it was a great suggestion! This place was actually on my list of places to visit since I've never once been inside. Usually kids visit here on a grade 6 fieldtrip when they study local government. But I've never had the privilege of supervising that trip so it was definitely time for me to go too!

The weather was gorgeous and the grounds were packed with people eating, visiting or exercising on their lunch break. It's a lovely, lovely place with very spacious well kept grounds.

The fountain and pool areas were full of people, enjoying the sunshine and the water. Kids can wade and play in the pools which are a huge attraction during the summer months.

I love this group that is outside on the grounds. It makes me remember how important families and individuals are to our province.

The Center Rotunda area has many plagues and special displays honoring historic events and people. (It was really, really dark too!)

These 2 have such a routine when it comes to taking self portraits. They've done it in many, many places around the world!

Inside looking out!

Thanks for the request to visit, Tyler . I enjoyed seeing this piece of Alberta's history too.


  1. Great idea! Looks like fun!

  2. What a great idea! I think with the high gas prices we will be doing much of the same this summer! Glad to see that your internet is working,our xplornet @ home has been down for 3 days

  3. It was the perfect day to have a picnic and do some exploring. Thanks for joining us. You have some great photos. :)

  4. What a great time! LOVE all the photographs too!

  5. We will be "sta-cationing" a lot this summer as my in-laws just bought a 50 foot trailer and have purchased a site up at Harrison. I see many weekend trips this summer for us. Well, that is until Ethan leaves for Italy... Sigh. He will be vacationing while we are stacationing...

  6. We'll be sta-cationing a lot too! One more week and my family is coming up.....so I will get to show them around! I love the Legislature grounds in Edmonton (it was also the place that John and I went on our first date-hee)! I somehow missed the Grade 6trip to the Leg. and didn't end up doing the tour until I was in University and some of my friends from Mexico came up. It was really informative and I have done it a few more times since. What an awesome day for you all!