Wednesday, June 11, 2008


to this beautiful girl, our niece Jill, who convocated from the University of Alberta today with a Bachelor of Education degree, with distinction. You go out and rock the world of education, Girl!!

And it's a good day to read this commencement address that JK Rowling delivered at Harvard. Interesting thoughts in there.


  1. esther12:17 PM

    Thanks for coming and helping us celebrate! I have a great picture of you and Jill - the last one of the night!

  2. I think JKR's speech was superb. Lots to remember there.
    C0mgratulations to your niece! What a lovely photo!

  3. Yeah, Jill!!! It feels so good to finish and start the next journey. We are praying she finds a job and brings joy, encouragement and hope to students.

  4. Ooops. I was logged in under Heather's account. The previous post is from us. ;)