Friday, April 19, 2013

Lists of 2013 - #13 - What I Love About Spring

Listography 2013 - #13 - What I Love About Spring

1.  Going outside without jackets, boots, mitts, hats - you know, without having to be totally covered because it's so cold out.

2.  Green buds and then leaves appearing on trees and bushes

3.  Flowers of all kinds from dandelions to mayday blossoms to apple buds and then bunches of lilacs.

4.  Long evenings of sunlight

5.  The fresh smell of the earth after rain

6.  Green growing tips on the evergreens

7.  The optimism that creeps into conversation and attitudes

8.  Pots of flowers on the patio

9.  Birds, flitting and flying and chirping

10.  New animal life - baby calves in fields, lambs in pens, chicks in brooders

11.  My birthday

12.  The first lawn mowing

13.  Revving up for farming

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