Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 Joy Dare

#590 - #623

-  gifts opened up - a dryer full of fresh clean laundry, crockpot with lemon herbed chicken, door welcoming little ones in after playtime
-  gifts budding and blooming - grandsons imaginations, tomatoes growing tall, peppers and squash pushing through the soil, leaves on a pussy willow branch
- gifts worn - a new scarf, warm coat, tall boots
- gifts bright - candles on cakes, sun shining on the fresh blanket of snow, icicles hanging
- gifts found looking up - blue skies, birthday girl at the top of the water slide, millions of stars

- gift in a bag - Maëlle finding shoes and flipflops and rubber boots in birthday bags
- gift in a box - pizza
- gift in a book - case studies of KIVA projects
- gifts in hard Eucharisteo - snow on the ground still,  dis-liked jobs getting done, wisdom in decisions
- gifts woven together - 4 generations around the same table, stitching on scrapbook layouts, our lives

- gifts inherited - pearls from my grandmother, generosity, "be the best you can" attitude
- gifts square - candle holder on the table, windows to look through, pieces of chocolate
- gift stacked - tomatoes in pots in the living room
- gift stashed - birthday gifts bought ahead
- gift stilled - the quiet and warmth in the greenhouse

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