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Lists of 2013 - #6 - The Best Birthday Party Ever

Listography 2013 - #6 - The Best Birthday Party Ever

So many ways to consider this prompt!  I'm going to share a few birthday memories that are highlights for me.

4 years old
my aunt took me to a studio photographer

1.  For my 16th birthday, my parents hosted a hayride evening at our farm.  It included two church youth groups, which was wonderful since they had lots of cute guys!  One of them even became my husband many years later :)  My Dad drove the tractor around the fields and we pushed each other off, sang songs, cuddled and generally had a great time.  Right near the end I fell/got pushed off and landed in a snow-covered puddle that soaked my arm right up to the shoulder - I don't think I'll ever forget that! 

2.  My sister planned '50 Hours of Fun' for my 50th birthday - a 3 day extravanganza of quadding, games, family and food.  It was an absolute blast and I am so thankful that she did it for me.  Melinda even surprised me by coming home and at first I didn't recognize her - I totally was not expecting to see her there!

3.  The years when Easter and my birthday fall close together.  My aunt will often host a family gathering then.

4.  My 40th birthday when friends gathered at our house and even composed a special song for me. 

5.  Every single birthday party that each of our grandchildren celebrates - it's such excitement and their parents make it so very special for them.

6.  Celebrating Bob's 60th birthday with our children and their families in Fairmont - nearly a week of togetherness and fun.

7.  Traditional gatherings with friends for all the early January birthdays.  One that stands out is when we all went to a Mexican restaurant in the city many, many years ago!

8. My Dad's 70th birthday when we did family pictures and Tyler met everyone for the first time.

9.  My Mom's 75th birthday when everyone dressed in red (her favourite colour) and we surprised her at a local hotel. 

10.  The 60th birthday parties for each of my parents when our family wrote and acted out skits about their lives.  It was hilarious!!  We included everyone down to the youngest grandchild, dressed in costumes and had these awesome scripts.  What wonderful memories and photos we have from those events!

11.  Our children's first birthday parties and how Bob worked so hard with them beforehand so they could blow out that little candle.

12.  Once the staff at school  bought long johns from the local bakery and made the number 40 for me - and then some friends sang "Happy Birthday" over the school intercom!  What a surprise that was!

13.  It's really all about the people gathered together, sharing laughter and loving me.  Those 3 things make it a perfect birthday party every time!  The rest really is icing on the cake :)

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