Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Happy Birthday, Melinda!

Today is our daughter's 33rd birthday!  It's incredible that our children are in their 30's when I think about it.  They probably don't want to be called middle-aged yet but in a few years they will be at the halfway point in life expectancy.  If they are nearing middle-age, there is no way around it - I am passing middle aged! 

Two ways to look at that - and I am choosing the better way.  The way of multiple blessings and amazing chapters and great adventures and such incredible joy that is my daily life.

Because this daughter of ours lives on the other side of the country and because it's been many years since we've actually spent her birthday together, I'm feeling a little melancholy today.  Here are a few pictures that bring back so many sweet memories of our Melinda!

 1980 with my Gramma Hetman

1983 swimming lessons

2002 Convocation at Acadia University

2004 Wedding day in Chester, NS

2005 Surprise visit home for my 50th birthday

2013 Mama to 2 sweet boys, Fredericton NB

Happy Birthday, Mel!


  1. blessings to your sweet family.

  2. Love this. So neat to see some pictures of Mel when she was little. I see Samuel for sure. What a very beautiful daughter you have raised. Although I don't see her much either I cherish our friendship and Thank God for blessing me with a friend like her. Congratulations on your daughter's birthday. Hopefully in the future you will get to celebrate some together!

  3. Ah, thanks Mom! I missed you lots. We looked at some old photos of us that night, too, and it brought back memories and lots of laughs, too. Can we have some cake in April for both you and I? ;) Hugs.