Sunday, February 03, 2013

Dear January

Dear January,

How in the world did you slip away so fast?

You brought fair skies, warm temperatures and dry roads one day and within 24 hours you swept in freezing wind, blowing snow and icy driving conditions.  And you repeated that more than once this month!

You brought evening card parties with friends that entailed much laughter, some misplays and delicious food.

You brought 7 days of subbing, one even on a 'no busses running' day.

You brought a weekend shared with three of the grandchildren and weekdays shared with another three.  And there were phone calls to hear the two far away ones playing, talking and having fun.  You reminded me again, many times in fact, of how very thankful I am to be a grandparent.

You brought a week of net ice fishing for Bob and smoked fish for us to enjoy.  We remarked how blessed we are to live near the lake and to eat the fresh catch provided.  The cold wasn't nearly so bad while working with friends at good, hard labour.

You brought some time to think and relax, some time to create and sew, some time to read and visit.  This time of rest for the land has been a time of rest and renewal for us too.

Thank you for giving us so very much this first month of 2013.


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