Sunday, September 16, 2012

Right Now

Right now, I am...
:: waiting for the jars to finish washing so I can fill them with tomatoes
:: guessing that Bob's parents will soon be out of their house and moved into their new residence
:: wondering how the adjustment will go for them
:: loving that 3 of our kids and some of the grandchildren could be around yesterday
:: anticipating frost one of these nights
:: reeling with the number of squash my garden produced this summer!
:: listening/remembering how Peyton cooed and talked as she rolled around last night
:: downloading nothing - my computer is having issues - I hope it doesn't decide to die!
:: counting the jars of canning on my shelves - I need to use a third shelf this year!
:: hoping for long sunny days so that harvest can continue
:: believing His love is all I need everyday
:: confirming that we are so blessed with this abundance of food!
:: making a batch of tomato salsa
:: thinking that a day or two of subbing would be nice this week
:: doing lots of carrying of squash from the garden
:: deciding to dig some potatoes this week
:: getting ready to make sauerkraut tomorrow morning
:: wanting to be finished with all this preserving already!
:: hearing the geese honk as they gather on the dugout
:: leaving the long days of summer behind!


  1. september is one busy month, isn't it?! love that you are still taking a little bit of time to share here in this space. :)

  2. You've been busy. Do you have much canning left? I'm guessing pulling the garden will soon approach, too. Take a picture if those full pantry shelves to show us. Miss spending time with you.