Tuesday, September 04, 2012

On Their First Day

Dearest Meadow and Helayna -

Today is the day that you are both starting first grade!  What a great day it's going to be for each of you.  There will be new teachers and new classrooms, new friends and some familiar ones, and a very long day ahead of you.  This is such an exciting year.  You are going to learn so much and do so many interesting things.

I pray that you will have a year full of kindness and encouragement.  I pray that your teachers will be patient with you and remember that you are just little people, on the first step of a lifelong journey of learning.  I pray that they will treasure your spirits and encourage you with every ounce of their beings. I pray that they will love reading and math and that they will challenge you to grow your skills.  I pray that they are curious at heart and encourage you to ask questions and explore your world and its people.  I pray that they will give you high fives and hugs and celebrate your strengths.  I pray that they will know when you are worried or nervous and gently lead you on.  I pray that this year will be spectacular!

I will be thinking of your Mommy and Daddy as they let you go out into the big world tomorrow.  It will be a bit scary for them too but they will be your cheerleaders every step of the way.  They love you so and want you to grow and learn everything you can.  I know they will be waiting at the end of the day to hear all your stories and see all the things you bring home.  Your brothers and sister will be so excited to see you too!

I can hardly believe that just six years ago you were tiny babies!  Where has the time gone?  How did you grow to be so tall and so beautiful, so strong and so energetic?  God has blessed you both and I am absolutely delighted to be your Gramma.  I am so very proud of you and all the things you can already do.  You always make me smile and your hugs are the best!  Thank you for being the best granddaughters ever!

All my love,
Gramma Crystal  XOXOXOXOXOXO

P.S.  I will be waiting to hear all about your day - please call me!

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  1. wow that was beautiful!! You are such a sweet Grandma to do that for those girls and that will be a letter they cherish for years to come. Maybe you should write them one when they start high school and university as well. It would be neat to see.Hope you had a great visit with Mel and Tyler and boys, I sure did!