Wednesday, September 05, 2012

On Going Home

Dearest Melinda and Tyler,

It has been an absolute delight to have you and your two beautiful sons here at home for the past 19 days!  We have loved every moment of this precious time and the memories we've made together have been so wonderful.

 Tonight at supper you were talking about favourite moments and it got me thinking about:

- that special moment in the morning when a certain little boy pushed open our bedroom door and came straight to Grampa's side of the bed with the biggest smile

- "Grampa, do you wanna play baseball / feed the chickens / go for a quad ride?"

- "Gramma, are you gonna miss your daughter?"

- "Yes, I am - and I'm gonna miss my grandsons too!"

- "my very own work gloves!!!!" (and how they'd sneak on to little hands at meal times and even went to church with him on Sunday morning)

- baking cookies together and sneaking bites of dough

- the great treehouse building event

- how a pry bar, a hammer and a handful of nails can make a little boy so very happy

- sweet, sweet smiles and cooing from a baby

- how much Malachi grew and changed over the 3 weeks

- how long Samuel's hair grew too

- cooking favourite meals for you all

- Sunday's weiner roast

- the chickens - ah, the chickens - and all the trips to feed and check on them

- how a certain boy grew to be very brave in the chicken house

- "I'm gonna miss Cripply - he's my friend."

- sharing pictures and stories about Mommy as a little girl

- reading stories while Malachi watched the pictures so intently

- what a novelty he was while shopping

- evening games and cups of tea after the boys were settled

- hugs from each one of you!

I know that it's been a challenge some days but I am so very thankful that you came here for your summer vacation.  Please remember that you are welcome here any time - the door (and our hearts) are always wide open!  Travel safely tomorrow - we'll be praying that all goes smoothly.  And we'll be planning for next time too and praying that it comes very soon :)

All my love,


  1. Love this!! Makes me think of my parents and the time we spend with them ...PRICELESS!

    I'm cheering and thanking God for the memories you shared and the time you had - especially the conversations :)

  2. It was so great being there. We loved every minute of it. Samuel is still sad he's away from Cripply, even had a few tears tonight. Thank-you for having us, taking such good care of us, playing with our boys so much, and just loving us so well. We miss you so very much. Come visit soon, and thanks for the great memories made.