Monday, September 24, 2012

Gratitude Gifts Today

#4588 - #4623

- a new journal to fill with counting
- photographs from when I was a child
- summer memory of Revels in Grampa's freezer
- leftovers
- book club gatherings

- tractors and combines and big farm machines
- fresh flowers gathered from outside
- visits from our grandchildren and their parents
- little boy who's our wakeup call
- quiet evening conversations

- long days of sunshine
- work gloves for a little helper
- family suppers
- cousins playing together
- perogies and peaches

- safe road trips
- a friend to go along with my craziness
- afternoon naps
- grilled peaches and nectarines
- cooking for family and for guests

- making cookies with Samuel
- gifts yellow: golden zucchini for lemon loaf, yellow sunflowers, yellow school bus
- wedding pictures and details of the party
- all the veggies for supper from our garden
- tomatoes ripening on our plants

- shopping with our daughter
- seeing how much Malachi has changed in 3 weeks
- treehouse climbing and building
- washi tape for scrapbooking
- squeezing in every last moment of play

- golden grain laying in long rows down the field
- pansies, reminder of my Gramma, blooming on
- Meadow's reaction at smelling something baking when she came home from school
- juice popsicles to ease a sore throat
- making supper with a little helper

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