Friday, September 02, 2011

Lists of 2011 - #35

Listography #35 - Material Things I Value Most

1.  Our farm

2.  My Grandma's pearls, my wedding rings, a diamond band and a jade necklace (all of my fine jewellery!)

3.  Photographs (especially our wedding photos, pictures of our children when they were little, heritage photos from my grandparents, a family picture taken when I was 7 - I could go on and on with this list!)

4.  Cameras

5.  My MAC laptop

6.  Appliances, especially the fridge and stove

7.  The rocking chair my grandparents gave us for a wedding gift

8. An Old Country Roses teacup that my Grampa L. gave me after Gramma died

9.  Photobooks and mini-albums from our kids

10.  My Bible and other books

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