Saturday, September 10, 2011

Five on Friday

Apricot Day

1.  Tuesday - 21 jars of apricots, 11 bottles apricot syrup, 10 jars apricot salsa

2.  Wednesday - 14 jars tomatoes, 10 jars tomato salsa,

3.  Thursday - 7 jars plums, 5 lbs. blueberries frozen, 21 jars peaches, 8 cups plum pieces frozen

4.  Friday - 9 jars peaches, 14 jars tomatoes

5.  Saturday - the marathon continues with  48 cobs of corn and pears waiting for attention.

I think perhaps my eyes were bigger than my hands - but the shelves are filling up and the boxes are emptying slowly!

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow! That's a lot of preserving, freezing and creating that you'd accomplished. It looks terrific. I'm so curious about that apricot salsa. It sounds similar to the peach salsa I use to buy in NY. Would love a taste of that! Hope you get it all finished, and I know you will love all of it as the winter rolls on.