Monday, September 19, 2011

Gratitude Gifts Today

Just simple counting on of the grace, the gratitude, the joy that comes by numbering the gift from Him.  There are no other words to describe His love and blessings to me.  What peace that brings!

#3028 - #3054

- a place to record the counting
- the peace that sitting and writing them down brings to my soul
- reading her words again
- women, like Sara, who write and encourage others
- trees with yellow leaf coats

- sound of geese honking long into the evening
- big flock gathered in the field to eat a grain supper
- V's forming in the sky
- another sign of autumn
- welcoming a new little boy

- pulling onions and beets from the garden
- knowing that we'll have food for the winter
- apples crunchy from the tree
- full jars, shelves and freezer
- still no frost

- tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes
- smell of earth as the field is worked over
- safety for extended family members
- bright orange marigolds blooming on
- apples ready to pick

- bees buzzing on flowers
-  water for washing and rinsing and drinking
- reading to the class
- planning for visits
- Samuel's voice telling me about diggers
- resting in the Saviour's presence and peace

1 comment:

  1. Your apples look delicious! I love how you see the beauty in the every day. Miss you!