Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gratitude Gifts Today

Some days the happy and the hard get all mixed up and cause me to wander in the desert of 'self' instead of walking and leaning on the One who is bigger and better than everything.  Living in faith is a daily - no, sometimes it's a minute by minute - calling back to Eucharisteo and grace.   I marvel at my own inadequate attempts to go it alone, thinking I can figure it out and handle life in my own ways.  That quite simply just doesn't happen and I am so thankful when I give the burdens back to Him and rest in unfailing hope and promises.

When I pause to list the gifts, my heart lifts and my eyes are opened again to how incredibly blessed I am!

#2995 - #3028

- fresh peach slices right off the stone
- smooth pears, skin peeled off
- apricot syrup
- butter melting on corn on the cob
- aroma of dill pickle brine wafting through the house

- God's incredible patience with me
- knowing that Jesus walks right beside me, through all of it
- prayer over the telephone wire
- peace that floods my soul
- that my God is quick to forgive and welcome silly me back into His arms

- surprising the grandchildren
- sleepovers at the farm
- pizza picnic in the field
- big smiles that they get to ride with Grampa in the combine
- all the questions that get asked

- birthday candles lit and relit so everyone could have a turn
- little boys and their special days
- great-grandmothers lovin' on babies
- my parents' gift of hospitality
- memories of my grandparents

- my dad with another generation in the fields
- him showing them how to shell wheat

- and her trying to do it just like he did

- camera repairs
- reading stories together
- Psalm 23
- sweet peas in the van cupholder
- little voices singing while driving

- steady progress on work
- days of subbing booked for the future
- interesting books (Pope Joan - a wonderful read)
- leaves beginning to change color
- autumn arriving

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