Friday, September 02, 2011


As inspired by Leigh, some thoughts about today:

Drinking: grande chai latte' from Starbucks

Eating: Rice Krispie squares

Reading: Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk Cross (November's book club choice)

Wearing: jeans, a brown paisley tshirt, black flip-flops, and a black windbreaker jacket

Feeling: exhausted!  I drove to Airdrie tonight after being in the city with Naomi and the kids all day.  It was dark for most of the drive and the traffic was crazy busy!  Dark nights + bright lights = unhappy driver!

Weather: Hot today with rain clouds gathered in the evening.  We are desperate for rain, after an over-abundance of it in July.  When I dug potatoes today, I had to chip them out of the hard-as-rock soil.

Wanting:  to fill up the van with fruit from BC.

Needing: some sub days to trickle in now that school's started again.

Thinking: I can hardly think - I'm so tired!

Enjoying: the peace and quiet of a home where everyone is in bed.  Off I go too!

Praying:  for Samuel to recover from croup and for safe travels.

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