Friday, September 16, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  Tomato Salsa

2.  Roasted Tomatoes

3.  Canned Tomatoes

4.  Tomato Sauce

5.  And in other news - - - Bob had a very good week combining, finishing up all the barley!  Now there's still a little bit of oats to do and then we will be done. the. grain. harvesting.


  1. Are you looking forward to all of those tomatoes being put away in jars?! I know I definitely am!

  2. I have a pot of tomato and onion bubbling away on the stove right now. I don't know how to can, so it will go into the freezer like last year and that worked well. I will have to time a visit to you in the canning season one day, I think.
    How great that the harvesting is almost done! Is there time to slow down for a while after that? Or does Bob have to start on the next thing for the farm?