Friday, December 17, 2010

Ten on Thursday

1.  I am finished Christmas shopping!

2.  I have wrapped only a couple of things.

3.  Two stockings are actually stuffed - that's unheard of for me!  It's usually a late night job on Dec. 23rd.

4.  I'm pretty sure this is the last year I'm going to do stockings.  Now that our kids have their own homes, it's an activity they can do with their own little families.

5.  Christmas caroling, Christmas bingo, Christmas treats, Christmas art, Christmas card making, Christmas letters to Santa - it was quite a day at school today!

6.  Tonight was the first night I've had to wait in a long line at a checkout.  Smart store setup at Home Outfitters as they channel the lineup right between rows of bins with stuff to peruse, think you need and therefore purchase!

7.  There was not a single bag of icing sugar on the shelves at the grocery store tonight.  I guess icing cookies has become a big must-do project.

8.  It took two tries but the family picture for Christmas cards is now in the house.  Costco has some weird formatting program and on the first try, they cut the border off on two sides.   I was somewhat less than impressed!

9.  I am so thankful for Christmas cards that contain letters and pictures.  It's such a treat to get those envelopes throughout December.

10.  Mel, Tyler and Samuel have arrived safely in Alberta :)  and will soon come to our house.  :))


  1. Good to hear that you are getting things checked off your list! I am almost ready to go to Fairmont despite having a terrible cold/flu. It seems that our Christmases get simpler every year and I don't mind that one bit ;)
    Have a great time with all your kids, grandkids and family next week. Stay warm and enjoy each others company and have a wonderful Christmas too!

  2. I feel so un-prepared for Christmas this year, oh well, hopefully it will not distract from the true meaning. I too had the exact same issues with our Christmas card from Costco this year, but I didn't do anything about it. I thought it was my fault. Erghh. It was the exact same problem. Glad you got yours straightened out. Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the time with all of your family!