Monday, December 13, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

Inching along the road to Bethlehem, the way is getting crowded with other things and I was reminded this week that I am the one who must slide past the trimmings and the fluff to put myself in quiet spaces as I really prepare my heart for the birth of our Saviour.

 How can I be a reflection of Him when my mind is full of lists, tasks and panic?

How can I serve Him when I am busy serving my own expectations and competing for a place in the world's melee?

 If I can make time to shop and wrap and bake, first I must make time to reflect and study and pray.  And when that realization struck me full on in the crowded aisle of Costco last week, I knew exactly what had to change.  And it was my attitude and my priorities.  So following an Advent reading list and softly putting carols on to play in the background has brought me back to the road and the way is clearer and the heart is calm.

And the counting of His priceless blessings continues!

- church bell pealing across the village on a frostly winter morning

- sun streaming in through the windows

- first light of the sun gilding snow and bare trees

- 3 candles lit

- 3 banners hung showing the path

- friend who plays the organ so beautifully

- choir music filling the building

- gathering at a friend's apartment for snacks

- colored lights brightening the night

- a finished project hung

- time to create

- Christmas baking and once a year treats

- hot tea in a favourite Polish mug

- counting down the days until they arrive home

- energy of little skaters for 3 games in 3 days

- Christmas fabrics going from bolt to project

- gifts to give loved ones

- a daily journal album to record the moments of December

- a giftcard saved from last Christmas and used now

- new lamp tables for the living room

- so much good food - what abundance with which we are blessed

- that I can sew and make cute things to share

- the reminder to look for strange, unusual things because that's how God works

- the question to ask:  are my expectations in line with God's or am I off on such a big tangent that I don't even see Him or the opportunities He places in my path?

- the ability to adjust my path during this season of waiting

- the task He gives me - to share the news of His coming

- that the day we celebrate Him is coming soon!


  1. Me too. And another beautiful list. I love the bunting!

  2. your bunting looks beautiful! now i want to make one.

    beautiful list, again! love that light peeking through the trees.