Saturday, December 11, 2010

December Fun

One of the best parts of the Christmas celebrations that I remember was the school concert.  Days and days of practise, lines to learn, costumes to wear and a packed gym out there, somewhere in the dark, made for magical memories.  We went to Meadow's preschool concert this week and enjoyed the little snowmen.

They sang several songs and then a special visitor stopped by, to the little ones' delight. 

I love those little hands that just had to touch him!

It's winter in Alberta so the hockey arenas are busy places!

Returning to the Warburg arena for a tournament is like a step into the past!  Several of the boys that Darrin played with over the years are now dads and coaches of a new generation of players.  And us - well, there are a whole bunch of hockey grandparents in the bleachers now!!

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