Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

The second week of Advent begins with the message of John the Baptist preparing the Way and calling us to repentance, a complete and utter turning around of our life.  Leaving behind the sense of entitlement and selfishness that we have, proceeding to go completely in the opposite direction, we give Jesus our lives and go with Him.  And when we receive that Gift of repentance, we also receive the gifts of sharing - doing what God wants us to do - and the gift of ethics - being steadfast in sharing what the world needs, which is more of Him.   (my thoughts after Pastor Scott's sermon on Sunday)

And more of Him means that I have more for which to give thanks!  Sweet, sweet blessings!

- a few extra minutes to linger in a warm bed

- hot Tuscany Pear rooibos tea

- a good hair day

- lunch ready to grab and go

- a dishwasher and a sink, both full of clean dishes

- poppycock

- a pink and orange sunrise streaking the sky

- great lesson plans

- attentive students - even on a Monday morning

- hot chocolate + coffee + hazelnut coffee creamer at recess

- no supervision :)

- discussing books

- conversation with colleagues

- plans for Christmas

- concerts where little ones can shine

- time to browse

- giving out happy faces for good behaviour

- hearing good news while visiting in the aisle at Wal-Mart

- little pink grippy socks

- a cleaned out hallway closet

- Pumpkin Pie Fruit & Grain Kashi granola bars

- butter in the grocery store cooler (seriously, it's been so hard to find for the last 3 weeks!)

- ideas for appetizers

- Bob's work at tidying up his shop

- phone calls to our daughters

- Meadow's voice sharing her hockey tournament schedule

- roast beef with beet relish

- whipped shortbread cookies

- the creche' out on the table

- my favourite Christmas quilt hanging up again

- lights in the night and the beauty they bring to the countryside

- a printer

- copy and paste functions on the computer

- kiwi

- wrapping Christmas presents to mail

- pondering the message of John the Baptist that "one who is greater than he is coming soon"

- that my repentance means now I serve Him daily

- Christmas carol messages "O Come, O Come, Immanuel"


  1. I love the Tuscany pear roobios, too. I think it's my favourite.
    How come you're having a butter shortage? I'm guessing you needed some for the poppycock. I made ginger snaps this weekend to share with my students...the tin was empty in ten minutes. ;)
    Thanks for the thoughtful words that encourage me to anticipate with eagerness the One who is coming soon.

  2. Anonymous10:08 PM

    this post made me smile so many times. yay for clean dishes! and good hair days! and so many other things.

    love you!