Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Christmas Stories for Little Ones

One of my very favourite gifts to give at Christmas time is a book!  There are so many good ones to choose from and I never have trouble walking out of a bookstore or book fair with an armful of beautiful ones.  Here are some that I can recommend for Christmas.  Happy reading!!

For the Littlest Ones

Welcome, Baby Jesus - a little board book that's just perfect for Silas (who is 2 and a bit) as he sits on the hearth of the fireplace.

Biscuit's Pet and Play Christmas - a touch and feel board book which Blake, our 17 month-old grandson loves right now.

Who is Coming to Our House? - the animals in the barn clean the barn and prepare for mysterious special guests in this quiet and lyrical story of the first Christmas, a favourite of Samuel, our 19 month-old grandson.

Elmo's 12 Days of Christmas - a Sesame Street re-telling of the Christmas carol.

For Biggers

God Gave Us Christmas - Little Cub asks Mama who gave us Christmas so they go on a journey to discover God and the answers to more questions like 'Is God more important than Santa?'  I love this for its answers to many questions that come up as children get older and families focus on the real reason for Christmas.

Bearnstain Bears Christmas Tree - as Papa searches for the biggest and best tree, there are many mishaps along the way.  This is also available as a video.

Humphrey's First Christmas - told from the perspective of a camel, this shares the Wise Man's journey and the meaning of giving gifts.  Meadow and I enjoyed it together recently.

The Sweet Smell of Christmas - a Golden scratch and sniff book (there are 6 scents inside) which is a favourite of Helayna's right now.  What kid doesn't love scratch and sniff books?!

And for every adult:  William Kureluk's "A Northern Nativity", which is written as a series of 12 reflections on where the Christ Child might have been born if He came now.  The cover illustration shows Him in an igloo and others include a granary, a truck stop, a city mission and a fisherman's hut.  I have used some of the readings at Christmas gatherings and they were well received.  This is a beautifully written and very thought-provoking book - one that should be in every home, I think.


  1. What a great post. I will definitely make note of these. We really enjoy reading the books that you sent as a baby gift awhile ago.
    I bet you are having fun preparing for the holidays with family. Take care.

  2. Anonymous10:04 PM

    what an awesome post! i really want to check out "God Gave Us Christmas".

    the kids are having so much fun opening their Christmas books each day - definitely a highlight of the day for them.

  3. I agree, this was such a great post! I need some ideas for some new Christmas books for the kids and I love how you shared the favourites of each of your grandkids! Helps with picking out which ones would be age appropriate too! Thanks so much for sharing! I love what Heather is doing too--maybe next year and now with your list I can stock up for next year! :o)

  4. All of these books look so good. We do have a few, but I know Samuel would love the Biscuit book and Elmo's 12 Days of Christmas. Do you have Humphrey's First Christmas? It looks so neat, but really all of them do. I'm so much like you when it comes to books and books stores. It's so hard to walk out without something new to share.