Monday, December 06, 2010

Giving 4

My friend, Linds, recently wrote about China Kidz, a hospice and palliative care home for children in China.  It's amazing to read what one couple is doing to make a difference in the lives of the weakest little ones.  I'm sending some grippy socks and bibs for little Angel and Isobel to help them through the cold winter.

Meadow was happy to help me work on the bibs last week.  She was busy pinning and unpinning and then collected all the little scraps, twisting and turning them into little packets that I stitched up for her.  She alternated between calling them ice packs and hot packs!  What fun it was to cut and stitch with her, as she asked questions and we enjoyed each other's company.  I hope she will grow to love fabric and stitching as much as I do.

 Earlier in the day we'd gone to the fabric store and I told her it was like a candy store for me.  When we pre-shrunk the fabrics in the evening, she was sniffing them and telling me that they didn't smell like candy.  The next day she kept asking why I liked fabric better than candy and reminding me that she "actually liked candy better"!  What fun times our grandchildren provide for me!


  1. Ah, Crystal - I am sitting here with the hugest smile on my face right now. And guess what, my warm leggings and sweater and toy went to Isobel too, so together, we get to sort out a beautiful little girlie so far away. THIS is what Christmas is all about!

  2. Oh too cute, Meadow. I'm hoping over to the site today to read more about it. I recently read a book about international adoptions in China and it really broke my heart; made me want to start the adoption process or get involved somehow right now. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful ways to give and love the least of these.

  3. Anonymous8:29 PM

    She is so cute!

    I agree with Linds - this is the true meaning of Christmas!