Saturday, December 18, 2010

Giving 5

When we've travelled in places around the world (still a sense of disbelief that I can actually say that!), we've seen time and time again how people live in ways very different from ours.  We've seen glimpses of the extremes between rich and poor and the inequities between men and women.  And we've done lots of reading to know that the very worst of those differences includes slavery - people that are working for others under threat of violence in atrocious conditions so someone else can get rich.  It's happening around the world - even in North America.  There is no way I can just sit passively on the sidelines.

Take time to watch this TED video where Kevin Bales explains what's happening and why.

Slaves working in mines in 
the Democratic Republic of Congo
(from Free the Slaves website)

I've been thinking about what I can do to make a difference about this but I don't yet have a clear vision of what that should be.  So for now I'm educating myself, reading, following the talk and praying about my actions.  Free The Slaves is one of the sites I've been following.  More and more, especially during this season,  I've been praying about this, asking God to direct my heart and my giving.

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  1. This topic has been so near to my heart too since our church did their big awareness project earlier this year. Personally, I've started buying fairtrade sugar, coffee and started buying way more second hand stuff, especially clothing to do my part.