Monday, December 20, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

Yesterday my family gathered early in the morning and then headed to the big city to spend a few hours doing something special together.   The something special was delivering Christmas gifts from Santa's Anonymous to families in the city center.  The smiles, the quiet nods as bags were clutched, the repeated whispers of thank you - thank you, the knowing that for some this will be the only gift - that was our thanks and our reminder of what He gave us - the Best Gift of All.

And so I count on, filled with joy and trusting that He gives all I need -

- time with my family

- gathering first thing in the morning

- safe driving down rutted streets and snowy highways

- looking for the other car of family

- meeting them at the same apartment building

- seeing the 10 bags that had been undeliverable on Saturday, dwindle to only 2

- visiting with my sister, my mom, my aunt

- knowing that Dad was at home, minding the turkey

- catching up on news from my niece, Jill

- stories, stories, stories of everyone's life

- the smell of dinner when we walked in the door :)

- gifts to exchange and receive

- knowing that the missing ones are deeply loved

- my uncle's shrimp cocktail

- washing dishes together

- seeing my mom and my aunt, sisters and good friends, together

- playing games

- reading Mom and Dad's Christmas cards

- naps

- helping Mom learn about the internet

- her joy that music can be found so easily online

- our amazement at 59,300 responses when she typed in "grosbeaks"

- little bites of orange 'honey'

- driving home past farms and houses bright with Christmas lights

- more memories to linger over

- counting 4 more days until His birthday!!


  1. If you read through today's list, Crystal, the one thing which shines through is family. How blessed you are. We are. These last few days before Christmas, the waiting, are so special, aren't they. You enjoy every moment!

  2. Anonymous2:00 PM

    what a wonderful list! i wish we could have been there!