Monday, June 14, 2010

Simple Woman #92

For Today . . .  June 14, 2010

Outside my window . . . a mix of sun and cloud, it only got to +16 today.   We had a gorgeous day yesterday with a temperature of +28 degrees C.  It felt like summer!!  Tomorrow's forecast is for showers and then the nice weather should be back.

I am thankful . . . for knowing that "Day by Day" God's mercies attend me, as we sang yesterday at church.

And I also am thankful . . .  for a day spent with two of our grandchildren.  We had alot of fun :))

I am praying . . .  for fathers and the examples they set, especially the ones in my family, as we celebrate Father's Day on Sunday.

I am thinking . . .  about 1 year ago when I was in Nova Scotia with Melinda and little Samuel, enjoying Edward and Linda's hospitality.

I am creating . . . 
  some sewing projects.  I'll show you soon :))

I am celebrating . . . Naomi's birthday this week by going on a family camping trip.  This is the third year we've spent a June weekend together and it's a great way to kick off summer.  

From the kitchen . . .  leftover vegetable fried rice and brie and apple stuffed chicken breast, while supper is crockpot beef stroganoff with fresh buns.

I am wearing . . .  black yoga pants with a matching pink and black tshirt and hoodie.  Good clothes for playing in!

I am reading . . .  John 3: Jesus Teaches
                                      John 3:16 - For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.
                          Mercy by Jodi Picoult - A small community is rocked when a man confesses that he has killed his terminally ill wife out of mercy.  This author tackles contemporary ethical issues and always has twists and turns in the plot.  

I am hoping . . .  for great weather this weekend.

I am hearing . . .  the horns blowing at a World Cup soccer match!  What a hum they make!  

I am going . . . to bed!  Getting up at 6 a.m. is tiring!!

Around the house and yard . . .  the grass is mowed and trimmed, the patio pots are just starting to bloom, the cranberry bushes are blooming and the mother wren is sitting on her tiny eggs. 

One of my favourite things . . .  cinnamon buns with caramel sauce.

A few plans for the rest of the week . . .  babysitting Meadow and Blake today, subbing on a grade 1 fieldtrip to the bowling lanes and swimming pool, book club gathering, and camping on the weekend.  

A quote for today . . .  

Veteran Traveller
carries a lot of suitcases but all of them are empty because she's expecting to completely fill them with life by the end of this trip & then she'll come home & sort everything out & do it all again.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you . . .  the tiny hearts on my bleeding heart plant always remind me of love and of my grandmother.  She loved all plants and this one was a special favourite.  I remember her showing us how the little hearts can be opened and closed. 


  1. The horns are crazy. It sounds like a huge bee hive. Samuel is fascinated by it.
    Enjoy the weekend camping trip. We made it one of the three times. ;) Wish we were there to go and see everyone. Samuel would love the sand and lake. I hope the weather is beautiful, and the celebrations bountiful.

  2. Crystal-this is a lovely blog. So reflective. I hope, in a few years to do something more personal like this.

    I started a blog at work ( Right now, the writer is a MacEwan alum in grad studies. If you know of people interested in grad studies, comments are welcome.

    Looking forward to the reunion. Your assistance to find a place and date is so much appreciated.
    We are making arrangements to fly Duran to the reunion, so that our entire family will be there (Rita, Brian, Joel and his daughter, Lorne and Hiedi's family, Talia)...We are doing photos on Sunday morning.
    Look forward to seeing you there. Mom says that she is concerned about how many people can make it due to other events on the same weekend...It was challenging to book a date-I think we did the best we could. I assume that people will drop in when they can and regardless of how many people, we can have fun.