Saturday, June 12, 2010


edited to add one final photo

The Friday photo lesson at the Ella Publishing blog is about perspective.  In Noel's words, " I read once that if you take a photo from the same spot everyone else does, you'll get a photo that looks like every other photo you've seen. "  So the assignment this week was to "get low" and see what else you could photograph.  

#1 - standing on the lawn - yes, it's awful with dandelions this year and it rained all week so it's looking very, very bad today!

#2 - laying down

#3 - a little too much tilt!

#4 - up close and personal!

#5 - after mowing!

That was fun - go out and try it this weekend!  You probably have a better view than a field of dandelions to practice on!!


  1. Interesting!!! Shows how our "perspective" can differ so much from others on so many topics and beliefs.

  2. Anonymous8:35 PM

    great photos! i love how it completely changes the perspective!

  3. Love it, Crystal! I must remember to lay down when I take photos--I like that dandelion shot the best. XO