Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Christmas In June

Bob's family didn't have a Christmas gathering last year and instead we made plans to have a summer camping weekend, where weather and bad roads wouldn't interfere with the fun.  So this was the weekend and we were busy visiting, eating, quadding, swimming, eating, playing games, biking, eating - you get the picture!!  Hopefully next year the missing family members can join us - it was definitely a good time!

The little second cousins had lots of fun playing on a hill and in the woods right adjacent to our campsite.  Silas really wanted to keep up to them!

Part of the hill included a spot that was perfect for sliding down and climbing back up.  Grampa put 2 pegs up so they could grab on and scale the cliff easily.  

Helayna's little speech was perfect - 
"Ladies and Gentlemen - Boys and Girls - 
Introducing - - -  The Climbing Lady!!"
 (all said in her best circus announcer's voice!)

Dish water bubbles are so intriguing!

Gathered together

Our niece, Chloe, is marvelous with the little ones!  She made a fishing game, using an old fridge drawer, complete with a magnet that caught things.  And then she shared lots of prizes with the kids - they were thrilled!  Thanks so much, C!

When no one has a lighter, you start the barbecue this way - and hope for the best!

The burgers were great - thanks, T & I!

He loves tools!

Lots of visiting

Little Miss N was so tired she conked out right after supper.

There was a little kitchen time.

Bob's parents, the oldest campers in their 80's

and little A, the youngest camper at 10 months.  It was definitely a multi-generational gathering!

Clean up duty - Andy's specialty, I think - he always does it cheerfully.

We rode bikes back and forth to the cabin where Bob's parents were staying.

And then later Mel went quadding for the very first time.  He got right into it!!

Ian, Tyneille and Mel with Bob riding the rear guard - and acting as camera man. 

And we even sang Happy Birthday and had cake for Heather, whose birthday will be later this week.

It was a great weekend, in a lovely spot - a very nice way to say "Merry Christmas"!


  1. What a great idea! It looks like a fun time was had by all too. And the weather co-operated - excellent!

  2. Ah, it looks like the weekend was so much fun, and such great weather. It really really really makes me want to go camping this summer.
    It is awesome that at least some of the Kruegers could get together to enjoy family time and a whole weekend of it, not just one day. We miss everyone!
    Glad you're home safe and sound. I've been waiting and waiting for a post or word that you're home. We need to chat soon.

  3. Anonymous9:58 PM

    It was a fun weekend, wasn't it?! The weather was just gorgeous. I'm so glad we did this and hope we do it again next year too. The kids had so much fun.

  4. I really want me one of them camping experiences. Looks fantastic.