Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Memories of a Band Parent

This afternoon,  my subbing assignment was in grade six and I got to go with the students over to an orientation session at the high school, which they will move to in September.  

We started by spending time in the music room with the band teacher and the high school band played a few selections for us.  Then everyone got to try the instruments (which they loved) and I was reminded of all the good times and memories our girls had while they were in the band program.  

1.  Going on tour - especially to South Dakota and Toronto - Ottawa - Montreal, when I travelled with them.

2.  Band uniforms

3.  Fund raising - everything from cleaning ditches to dinners and silent auctions which paid for busses, uniforms, hotel rooms, instruments, music, etc. etc.

4.  Amazing band teachers who were great models and mentors - and have even become good friends now.

5.  Mastering an instrument - a completely new talent

6.  Learning to be part of a whole and contributing to the whole group by producing the best sound you could

7.  Setting up and tearing down after a performance

8.  Listening to practice sessions at home

9.  Band parents association meetings and all the support they gave

10.  "O Canada" - still my absolute favourite song the whole band ever played!

11.  Making their own recording and producing a cassette tape

12.  Knowing and absolutely seeing that "music makes you smarter"

Ah, the sweet, sweet memories!!


  1. Thank you for all the memories - good times from a simpler life :)

  2. You remember all those details so well. While it was just another activity at school it truly made an impact on us students, memories and lessons that we'll carry for a lifetime.
    Thanks for sharing and for being a great band parent.

  3. Wow, that was a trip down memory lane! I loved band and think of all the memories, lessons, and friendships that were made because of it. I hope that our kids will learn to play an instrument and enjoy it and that I can be a band parent too! :o)

  4. Heather M.11:41 PM

    I loved band too. It was so good for me. I hope my kids can experience the same one day. Although I often wonder now that I'm older how you ever survived the learning to play and practice sessions at home.