Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

holy experience

I have noticed so many tiny little things to be grateful for today!

- the chirping of a little wren

- the little wren's nest in a birdhouse on our patio

- raindrops hanging

- bright little thank you cards ready to mail

- new stamps

- cinnamon

- the just-formed little flowers of the bleeding heart

- finding tiny trucks that are still out of the toybox, some 2 weeks after the little boys have returned home

- a card for $5 off my next pedicure

- watching baby calves frolic in the pasture

- new little roots on a spider plant cutting

- the lovely green of oak leaves

- cinnamon buns with caramel sauce

- empty hangers from a purged section of closet

- sharing good reads with friends

- lilacs

- a jar of chai latte' waiting in the fridge

- finishing a book

- little tiny bird stickers

- stamped images ready for the front of a card

- rhubarb stalks fresh picked from the garden

- the blossoms of the cranberry bush alongside a few of last year's dried berries

- a cheery little piece of patterned paper fashioned into a birthday card

- seeds

- hearing little voices in the background of telephone conversations

- a special mug from Poland (thanks, M & T!)

- growing tips on the spruce trees

- wandering outside and marveling at the Creator of all this

- knowing that God watches over all this and me too!


  1. I must admit: your blog inspires me to live this country life to the fullest! Thank you for the reminders of all the little things in nature that we are blessed with :)

  2. Heather M.9:59 PM

    Such gorgeous photos, Mom! I love them. As always, beautiful list. I agree with Meaghan, you always remind to be be so grateful for the little things in nature.